My client, Mr KG, was charged with Murder in the southern suburbs in 2016. He was jointly charged with a number of other persons.

Other solicitors had the conduct of the matter prior to us being instructed by the family.

We firstly undertook to obtain copies of all the statements and notes from Prosecution. It became apparent that the only person who identified our client, KG, was a person, DJ, who said that he had known our client from school. In consultation with the other lawyers representing the co‑accused, we made an application pursuant to Rule 20 of the Magistrates’ Court Act to have DJ called for preliminary examination in the Magistrates’ Court.

We were given very limited scope to cross‑examine DJ, however, we were successful in obtaining an amount of detail which later proved to be extremely useful.

The Magistrate, however, found a case to answer in respect of the charge as against our client. His matter was committed to the next sitting of the Supreme Court. We made an application for bail, and were successful at having KG released on home detention bail notwithstanding the very serious charge of Murder.

The matter was then listed for hearing and proceeded by way of a trial of KG and two other persons. An amount of time was spent attending the scene of the crime to ascertain exact lines of sight and what the eye witness could see. It was apparent from DJ’s description of the events that the description was wrong. This therefore created a doubt.

We engaged the services of Mark Griffin QC, who did an outstanding job. Ultimately, whilst the co-accused were found guilty, our client, KG, was acquitted of the charges. It was an excellent team effort by the solicitors of Caldicott Lawyers with the assistance of very capable Senior Counsel, Mark Griffin QC.

An extremely happy client in the circumstances.