Creating a Will is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, as it allows you to control how you wish for your estate to be handled in the case of your passing. Aside from being a helpful legal document in that unfortunate event, a Will also provides peace of mind that your family and loved ones will always be taken care of and protected in the way that you wish. The passing of someone you love is an incredibly difficult situation in itself, so the creation and implementation of a Will takes away some of the stress and emotional turmoil should the situation arise.

For some, a Will is considered a gift to the people that are closest to them as they can be personalised and specific to your personality — a Will doesn’t have to just be an unemotional legal document but instead act as a legacy for the people you’ve left behind.

As important as it is to have a Will, no one ever wants to dwell on the circumstances that require a Will to be created in the first place. The Caldicott Lawyers team will ensure that you’re guided through the process efficiently and professionally to make it as easy as possible.

While the primary purpose of a Will is to dictate the distribution of an estate, our team at Caldicott Lawyers can also suggest and include other vital information surrounding your advanced care plan and more. An advanced care plan details your decisions on how you wish to be cared for at the end of your life, such as life support directives and funeral arrangements. Another factor to consider is the implementation of a Power Of Attorney — the person responsible for your financial decisions and other assets in the event that you’re not in a capacity to make those decisions for yourself.

In the event that you’ve been given the position of Executor of a Will, our team is also here to offer you guidance throughout the entire process of navigating the deceased person’s wishes in an effective and legal way. Or alternatively, if you find yourself dealing with an estate that has no Will to dictate the best outcome, Caldicott Lawyers can assist you in establishing a fair outcome for all parties.

Will Registry and Safekeeping

While most people have a safe storage solution for legal documents such as a Will, sometimes things happen that can’t be predicted and the hard copy is destroyed or missing. Our team can provide you with solutions to avoid these problems.

Registering your Will with the Law Society creates an official record that is easy for lawyers to find in the case of any unfortunate circumstances. Our team can provide this service to you free of charge to ensure that your Will is always accessible should it be needed.

Did you know that any damage — even a tiny tear — can reduce the validity of your will? Caldicott Lawyers can take care of your will in our safety vault, ensuring that it is kept in pristine condition.

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