We represent over 1,000 clients each year in respect of over 1,500 criminal and traffic charges. Ninety percent of this work comes from repeat clients, client referrals and referrals from other lawyers and professionals. This strong referral base is testament to our ability as lawyers and the excellent service we provide our clients.

Below is a sample of the recent feedback we have received from our clients.


Dear Casey,

I wanted to put in writing our gratitude for your professionalism, diligence, positive attitude, and pleasant disposition in handling M’s legal matters.

As you are aware we had recently ceased dealings with our previous lawyer who had charged us a considerable amount of money, and was basically inept at her profession and had not provided us with anything useful apart from information that we could have sourced ourselves over the internet. Due to this bad experience, we were very cautious about engaging with our next lawyer.

On meeting you for the first time you filled us with complete confidence that you could be trust and were totally competent in your profession.

You always treated us with respect, courtesy, and total honesty, and communicated to us the legal process and proceedings with great clarity and in a way that was easily understood.

Due to your skills and professionalism we are eternally grateful for the suspended sentence that M received for his serious breach of the law which could have resulted in him being sent to prison for some considerable time.

We wish you every success in the future, Casey.

MC 6 March 2015

Dear Mr Caldicott,

I just take the opportunity as we in Germany say “between the years” to thank you for your efforts and the speedy trial for K.

I was really impressed by the truly friendliness or all people I have met in Australia, ok, except for the one parking inspector who gave me a ticket.

So as my son finished his bachelor and wanted to go abroad until he start to work again I highly recommended he go to Australia. He was there for one and a half months and confirmed my impression.

I hope you and your beloved ones are doing well and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2015.

Thanks again for all your help.


KK 5 January 2015

To Mr Caldicott,

I would just like to say thank you for your advice and help. Please also say a huge thank you to your staff for their time and efforts.

Kind Regards,


KN 21 November 2014

Secretaries, thank you for all of your administrative support over the last two plus years. You have been helpful, polite, professional and always lovely to deal with. Thank you so much.

Casey, thank you for supporting me with your professionalism and experience; your advice throughout was accurate, timely and always appropriate. I had no hesitation in pushing forward to trial with both you and counsel; as I always knew justice would prevail and it did. You listened to what I said and to the evidence that I presented from the start, we were a confident cohesive team and we made it work.

Casey and team you have done me well, and for that I thank you.


JT 21 November 2014

Dear Craig,

A sincere thank you for all your support over the past 6 months. It has been a difficult time for J and our family; but was made easier by your expertise and guidance which we very much appreciated!

Kind Regards,

L, J & JV

L, J & JV 21 November 2014

Dear Mr Caldicott,

I would like to thank you for your work. I am ever so grateful to be home with my beautiful children. Thank you very much.

From D.D.

DD 27 October 2014

Dear Craig,

Thank you for your hard work and efforts and the end outcome. It’s very much appreciated, I’m really happy with the result you got us. Cheers again!

Kind Regards,


PF 27 October 2014

Casey, a short note to say ‘thank you’ for the advice you gave – gracias – on behalf of your partners at Caldicotts.

D.T Best regards,

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude as well as supreme satisfaction with your firm’s services. Thanks again.

KU With regards,

Dear Craig Caldicott & amazing team, sincerest thank you for the assistance and guidance you have given me in recent times. The outstanding friendliness, professionalism and outright talent of you and your team is truly appreciated. My family, new wife and myself owe you more than words could ever describe. Kindest regards & respect, J L


Dear Craig and Casey,

The purpose of this letter is to formally commend Mr Jason Evitts for the excellent service that he provided us throughout our dealings with Caldicott Lawyers. In our opinion, the level of service, support and advice that he provided us was far beyond our expectations. We were so impressed by the support and service provided that we felt compelled to formally record our praises. Jason has consistently and professionally made extra efforts to assist us with our needs. Such professionalism is rare nowadays. Mr Jason Evitts is an asset to your organization and I would highly recommend him to any friends or family that may require legal assistance in the future.

I & D.K Yours sincerely

Craig, not wishing to belabor the point, but that matter you just finalised for me had been weighing me down in one way or another for 2½ years. I really appreciated it, and thank you.


I just wanted to say a big thanks to listening to me, defending me and your obviously compelling mediation skills. It means a lot to my family.

C. Cheers, C.

Hey, Craig and team.

A loud and clear thank you.

R.A Regards

Dear Craig, thank you so much for helping me. At long last the right outcome was achieved. You did me a great service which I shall never forget.

N.C Best regards,

Just want to say after the fact that very much I appreciate your work on my behalf to date. Thank you. I have been trying to turn my life around for seven years now, and I will. However, the case this morning was pivotal, and it went positively, thanks to you.

C. 27 June 2013

Thanks again and particularly to Craig for all his hard work with a good result in the end.


Dear Casey, thank you so much for your support and services through a horrible period for me. You were always pleasant and helpful.

N.C Best wishes to you.

Dear Mr Caldicott, just a quick note to say thank you so much for all the work you have done so far for C.P. What was a very uncomfortable situation for us was eased by watching how confidently you handled everything in the last week.

S.M Thank you.

Craig, thank you so much for your help, support and especially your competence during my difficulties with the Conduct Board. I am most grateful for everything you did and especially to achieve such a good result. With kind regards and best wishes.

B.R 16/7/2013