This page contains a very small sample of cannabis and other drug offence cases that we have appeared in recently, and achieved outstanding results.

Case Study - Cannabis, Firearms and Prohibited Weapons written by Casey Isaacs

Our client was charged with failing to store ammunition, possession of a controlled drug, namely 1.03kg of cannabis, possession of prescribed equipment, possession of prohibited weapons namely three catapults, and possession of fireworks.

Case Study - Serious Firearm Offences written by Jason Evitts

Our client was charged with numerous firearm offences.

Case Study - Firearms written by James Caldicott

Aggravated Possession of a Class A Firearm.

Firearms - 1400524

Our client was charged with fail to comply with a condition of a firearms licence.

Firearms - 1300556

The client was charged with possession of firearms, failing to store ammunition and possession of an unregistered firearm. He was also charged with trafficking ecstasy.

Firearms - 1400767

Our client was charged with firearm offences, namely fail to compy with licence conditions.

Firearms - 1500082

Numerous firearms offences, including no firearms licence, possession of an unregistered firearm, firearm not secure.

Case Study - Prohibited Weapon written by James Caldicott