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This page contains practical information about all driving offences including drink driving, drug driving, driving without due care, demerit point disqualification, dangerous driving causing death, dangerous driving causing harm, driving whilst disqualified and excessive speed. This information will help you to understand what penalty you may receive, what defences you may have and an explanation of the South Australian law.

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Dangerous Driving Causing Death

Dangerous Driving Causing Harm

Demerit Point Disqualification

Drink Driving - Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol

Driving Under the Influence

Driving While Suspended or Disqualified

Drive Without Due Care (Careless Driving)

Driving at a Speed Dangerous

Driving in a Manner Dangerous

Driving While Unlicensed

Drug Driving - Prescribed Drug in Oral Fluid or Blood

Excessive Speed By 45 Kilometres an hour or more

Illegal Use of a Motor Vehicle

Misuse of a Motor Vehicle


Trifling Application or Application for Reduction of Demerit Points