We achieve superior results in all criminal matters.

We at Caldicott Lawyer have defended thousands of criminal cases over many decades.  We constantly achieve outstanding results for our clients.  We have begun to collate these results and publish them in this part of our website.  We will be loading more results in respect to other charges shortly.

Please view our results by clicking the category of offence below:


Alcohol (PCA) Charges & Other Driving Related Matters

Bail Related Offences

Drug Related Offences

Firearms Offences

Fraud, Centrelink Fraud, Theft and Deception

Sexual Offences

Violent Offences

Affray / Disorderly Behaviour

Unlawful Possession

Linked to this page are some of our top results for clients that have been charged with unlawful possession.

Corporate Crime (White Collar Crime)

Regulatory Matters