Our Result - Assault Police - 1300088



1. Assault Police

2. Hinder Police

Maximum Penalty

The maximum penalty that could have been imposed: Assault Police - $10,000 or 2 years imprisonment Hinder Police - $2,500 or 6 months imprisonment

Penalty Received

The result we achieved: Assault Police charge withdrawn Pleaded Guilty to Hindering Police charge – No conviction, no further penalty


The facts of the case: Defendant attended music festival with friend and girlfriend. Friend approached by police. Girlfriend stepped in to apologise and diffuse the situation. She was grabbed by police and handcuffed. In the process of her arrest, the strap of her handbag became entangled around her neck and began to choke her. Defendant attempted intervene and assist his girlfriend. He was stopped by a police officer, whom he proceeded to punch in the face.

Suburb where the offence occurred: Adelaide