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Port Adelaide Magistrates Court is situated at 260 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide.

Local Lawyers Who Know How to Get the Best Results

Our team of Criminal lawyers attend Port Adelaide Magistrates Court weekly and know how the court system works. They enjoy a strong professional reputation among the police, prosecutors, court staff and most importantly the Magistrates at Port Adelaide Court.

The Magistrates that currently preside at Port Adelaide Magistrates Court are:

  • Magistrate Grasso
  • Magistrate Whittle
  • Magistrate Alexandrides
  • Magistrate Snopek

We estimate that our lawyers appear in over 170 criminal cases a year at the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court. These cases range from minor charges including drink driving and assault to major criminal charges including robbery, burglary and sexual assault. With over 50 years combined experience in Criminal law our team of lawyers can deal with your matter no matter how small or large the charge is.

You can rest assured that our lawyers will know the best way to present your case before each of the Magistrates that sit at Port Adelaide Magistrates Court.

Many of our clients have commented that our lawyers have given them peace of mind that their case is going to be handled by someone who has the specialist knowledge and skill to navigate them through the court system. If you trust us with handling your case we assure you that your case will be dealt with by a lawyer who has the skills, local knowledge and expertise to obtain the best result possible.

Port Adelaide Youth Court

A youth court is held at Port Adelaide Magistrates Court. The Youth Court is a specialist court which deals with young offenders from the ages of 10 to 17. Minor offences which include minor assault, damage to property and drug charges are dealt with by a magistrate. Serious offences including endangering life and serious criminal trespass are dealt with by a judge

Travelling to the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court

If you are travelling by bus, there are bus stops on Commercial Road, west of the Court House.

If you are travelling by train, the Port Adelaide train station is located on Commercial Road, west of the Court House.

Police Stations that bring their charges before Port Adelaide Magistrate’s Court

Port Adelaide Police Station


Port Adelaide

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