Our Result - Case Study - Trafficking in a Controlled Drug, Driving Disqualified, Breach of Bond

Reference: 1700035



Re: Charges of Trafficking in a Controlled Drug, 2 x Driving whilst Disqualified, Breach of Bond other minor offences – result Suspended Sentence

Our client was originally charged with trafficking in a controlled drug namely Methylamphetamine and also cannabis. Whilst on bail our client committed a number of drive disqualified offences and also breached a suspended sentence bond for driving disqualified. Subsequent to these charges she was also charged with a further count of trafficking in a controlled drug.

Ultimately her bail was revoked because of the continuing drive disqualified. However bail was reinstated after some six weeks in custody. After having the subsequent count of trafficking in Methylamphetamine withdrawn a negotiated plea was entered to the original trafficking in a controlled drug charges and drive disqualified matters. After submissions we were able to secure a suspended sentence because our client had demonstrated rehabilitation and had tasted the custodial environment.

She was recommended to undertake counselling and obtain employment once released from custody both of which she achieved. That combined with a bundle of positive references from family and friends demonstrated a clear rehabilitation from her original drug offending which given the further driving offences occurred a significant period of time.

Ultimately the suspended sentence was reflected of the effort she had made to rehabilitate herself and the demonstration that we were able to show that she was now drug free after a substantial drug habit. The result significant for our client, she is able to maintain her accommodation, her employment and remain out of prison.

This matter was before the District Court.

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