Our Result - Case Study - Family Violence Withdrawn written by Casey Isaacs

Reference: 1600842


Aggravated Assault


This is a case which involves an aggravated assault charge as against his partner and an application for an intervention order.

Our client was charged with aggravated assault against his partner of whom he had children, at the family home.

It was alleged our client had punched his ex-partner causing her injury.

Ultimately, he was arrested and removed from the family home and unable to make contact with his partner for the purpose of seeing his children.

The implications were further heightened as a conviction for an aggravated assault would render him unable to complete his employment responsibilities which required security clearance.

Our client was adamant that he did not assault his partner however realised that it was a delicate matter as he remained focussed on having joint custody of his children in the future.

Consequently, it was important to attempt to have the charges without the need of having a trial which would increase animosity between our client and his ex-partner and consequently the children.

Ultimately, negotiations were undertaken with the police prosecution and the withdrawal of the charges was negotiated on the basis that our client enter into a basic intervention order.

The intervention order would still allow contact with his ex-partner and the children.

Ultimately, our client was able to maintain his employment due to the charges being withdrawn and maintain joint custody of his children. 

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