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Technically-superior lawyers

Our results speak for themselves.  At Caldicott Lawyers, we consistently win matters in the Supreme and High Court successfully arguing points of law.  These cases include Polyukovich v The Commonwealth [1991] HCA 32 (one of Australia’s largest war crimes case), Ridgeway v R [1995] HCA 66 (which dealt with the question of entrapment), South Australia v Totani [2010] HCA 39 (freedom of association for bikies), and Kamleh v The Queen [2005] HCA 2  (hearsay involving a co-accused).

Specialist knowledge

Caldicott Lawyers knows the best way to present your matter at Court.  Our lawyers have experience appearing before all Magistrates and Judges, and can therefore effectively deal with the appropriate strategy to ensure the best possible result.

We fight

We see many other lawyers concede issues and legal points that they should not.  Our lawyers are not afraid to fight for their clients when the need arises.  Obviously we do not go out of our way to pick a fight but when the need arises we will stand for justice.  We have appeared against some of the finest Crown prosecutors in South Australia in murder cases and won.

We have a plan

We believe that many cases are won or lost in the preparation of the case.  We will work honestly and ethically to present your case as it should be.  We do not take anything for granted and believe the importance of discovering all of the evidence that may be available, not just the evidence the Crown wants to present.

Price certainty

You will know what our costs will be right from the start of your case.  We will give you a fixed price quote for the work you want us to do.  There will be no hidden extras.  The costs that we charge are fixed and fair.

Ethical and honest

You deserve a lawyer who will be regarded by the courts as honest and ethical.  Our lawyers enjoy a solid reputation amongst Judges and Magistrates of being professional and ethical.

Advice you can rely upon

Caldicott Lawyers aims to provide advice in a timely and honest manner to ensure their clients feel confident.

We will be able to provide you advice in your matter as to how a Judge or jury may react in a specific case, or when a Prosecutor may be ready to accept a plea offer.  This pragmatic advice ensures that the client is well advised and their needs are being met.

Australia-wide representation

We are a member of ADLA (Australian Defence Lawyers’ Alliance) which is a group of leading criminal law firms in Australia.  We are able to count on the considerable experience of our colleagues for any matters that cross State borders.  There have been a number of cases where we have called on each other for advice or assistance.

We also regularly meet with the lawyers from the other States for continuing legal education, and discuss how we may better help our clients.  This ensures that we are on the cutting edge with regard to our legal knowledge, and that our clients’ needs are always a priority.

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