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We are all dealing with the unprecedented times and social restrictions.

There is an underlying reason for it of course, which is purely to flatten the curve with regard to COVID-19.

One of the immediate effects of social isolation is the disconnect that we all have from family members, friends and colleagues. It is an uncertain time both in experience and in duration.

For however long this period of uncertainty lasts, it is unquestionable that our mental health should take an equal level of attention and importance to our physical health.

Within our office, properly exercising social distancing, we have daily video meetings and regular contact between professional and support staff.

Our clients have options of video or telephone conferencing, and if court matters are to proceed at this time, face to face meetings will be permitted with obvious compliance with social distancing.

We recommend that if you or family members are finding it difficult at this time that you contact one of the many fabulous mental health service providers through the network of online providers that exist in our community. Beyond Blue have multiple organisations that are available for people to speak to or with regarding their own family member’s mental health.

We also refer you to the below websites for those in need of care and assistance for advice on relationships in this troubled time.

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