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Video Transcript

Do you know what to do if the police want to arrest you? These are some of the things you need to know if police intend to arrest you.

Step 1

Ask what you are being arrested for, DO NOT struggle or argue with police – you are not obliged to answer any questions other than your: name, DOB and address.

Step 2

Remember that everything you say will be recorded by the police and may be used against you, even if the police do not tell you that they are going to do so. There is NO SUCH THING as an ‘off the record’ conversation

Step 3

Make a note of the ID numbers of the police if they are violent or behave improperly with you.

Step 4

If you are not under arrest do not agree to go with the police anywhere unless you want to. Unless the police are arresting you, you are free to go.

Step 5

Always politely ask the police why they are doing anything.

Step 6

Make a note yourself of what occurred as soon as possible, these will be important later on

Step 7

Contact your lawyer as soon as possible.

If you need any more information please give us a call or drop a comment on this video.

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