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Video Transcript

Domestic violence and intervention orders are matters taken VERY seriously by the Courts and could result in significant sentences of imprisonment if you are found guilty.

My name is Casey Isaacs from Caldicott Lawyers, and I have nearly 2 decades worth of experience in domestic violence and intervention order cases.

People charged with domestic violence can come from many different backgrounds, and these range from people with significant drug and mental health issues to people who are going through stressful periods of their lives.

The consequences of police attending and being charged with domestic violence can be immediate and life changing.

You can be removed from the matrimonial home, denied access to your children and belongings, and forbidden to see your partner.

It is important upon being charged to obtain the right advice and not take matters into your own hands as the affects can be long lasting and may be permanent.

If you have been arrested on a domestic violence charge, do not answer any questions. Anything you say can be used against you later on.

  • Once arrested and charged, do not attempt to contact your partner or direct any family member relative or friend to contact your partner.
  • Ensure you read and comply with the terms of the Intervention Order as any breach can result in your arrest with their being a presumption against bail and up to 2 years
    in jail.
  • Retain all communication between your partner be it electronically written, social media or other. Any piece of information between you and your partner could be crucial to ensuring you’ve got the best chance for the case.
  • Seek legal advice immediately. The sooner you contact your lawyer, the sooner you can be prepared for the upcoming events.
  • Family and friends CAN contact your partner on their own accord, but they need to do so with caution as anything they can say could be potentially used against you.
  • Seek to engage the services of a Family Lawyer.

Domestic violence is a sensitive and serious issue with which results in many complicated factors needing to be considered by both sides.

Legal guidance will assist in reaching the ultimate outcome.

If you need any more information please give us a call or drop a comment on this video.

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